Part 3: 10 Reasons to Get Vinyl Window Replacements Installed in your Houston Home

In this last part of our three part article, on reasons to replace your older windows with vinyl windows, we go over the last but not least of the reasons you should look into replacing your old windows today.



Extend the Life of your Air Conditioning and Heating Units

By purchasing and installing new energy efficient vinyl windows, your AC and FAU will not have to run as much, since the temperature of your home will stay more consistent. The less your appliances run the longer they will last.

Protect your Home Furnishings, Blinds and Flooring With Vinyl Windows:

Ultra-Violent Radiation (UV) from the sun can cause severe damage to your furniture, blinds and flooring.

UV Rays in sunlight is divided into three bands:

UVA (320400 nanometers) can cause skin damage and may increase the chances of skin cancer known as Melanoma.

UVB (280320 nanometers) stronger radiation that intensifies in the summer time. It is the common cause of sunburn and most skin cancer.

UVC (below 280 nanometers) the strongest and potentially most harmful form.

Purchasing Low Emissivity glass (Low E) on your new vinyl windows can decrease your UV exposure from 60 to 95%.

Save Money and Time Cleaning your Windows by Installing Vinyl

New vinyl windows come with Tilt-Out Sashes for easy cleaning and the vinyl frames clean-up very nicely with a non-abrasive cleanser.

Better Quality of Life Overall

By decreasing your utility bills, increasing the value and comfort of your home, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your time off rather than repair your windows, hearing less outside noise, extending the life of your appliances and securing your prize possessions, you will increase the Quality of your Life.

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