Maroh Walk-in Bathtubs & Safety Tubs

Maroh Walk in Tubs brought to you by Texas Home Contractor would like to welcome you to the newest trend in bathing independence- The Walk-In Bathtub! A Hydro-Therapy walk-in bath tub is a specially designed bathtub that has an inswing door, a custom molded ADA 17” high seat along with Hydro and Air jets. With a low sloped threshold under the door it is easy to step into the tub, close the door, and proceed to fill the bathtub with water. “The door is designed with a water tight LIFETIME seal that once closed allows you to have a nice deep soaking bath.”

Maroh Walk in Tubs are designed for seniors, people with challenges in mobility and disabilities, or anybody else looking for a safe and more comfortable bathing experience, Maroh Walk In Tubs offers you the perfect solution to taking a soothing bath. The Maroh Walk-In Bathtub offers safe and easy access into the tub, comfortable seating, the chrome levered faucets are easy to reach and turn and includes a chrome hand held shower fixture to rinse off with that will make your bathing experience safe and pleasurable! There is also a convenient ergonomically angled grab bar inside the tub and a slip resistant floor to add to your safety. The frame of the bathtub is a beautiful gel coat over fiberglass, included is a 1” tubular powder coated main frame for strength and durability and the water depth is nearly two and a half feet. Give us a call today at 888-804-7775 and start enjoying a relaxing and comfortable bath brought to you by Maroh Walk in Tubs.

Maroh Walk in Tubs is happy to offer you several shapes and styles of walk-in tubs. You can choose from our line of soaker safety tubs or add the “water massage” hydro and air jets to your new bath. Maroh Walk In Tubs also features unique options such as the Minute Drain, Aromatherapy, Chromatherapy and AirBath Massage Systems. All of these features will provide pain relieving therapy and increased circulation.

Bathrooms can be a slippery and dangerous place. This is why Maroh Walk in Tubs is proud to have several lines of tubs available for our senior and handicapped clients. If safety and pain relieving therapy is a concern of yours a Maroh Walk in Tub may be the answer. When seated inside the walk-in tub you are literally surrounded by water massaging comfort. There is no need to be concerned about the tub size; these walk-in bathtubs are available in various sizes and dimensions. Maroh Walk In Tubs has installed numerous hydro therapy bathtubs throughout the States of Texas and California. If you would like more information or a brochure about these bathtubs give us a call at (888) 804-7775 or visit

Owning a Maroh Walk-In Bathtub is the best solution if you suffer from joint pain, arthritis and poor circulation. These tubs also allow you to maintain your privacy and independence while you bathe. With our low sloped threshold under the door and slip resistant floor you will not have to worry about having an accident. Owning a Maroh Walk in Tub is like having your own personal Jacuzzi inside your bathroom. Everyone should own one of these fantastic bathtubs.

We will sell you the tub online and get it installed for you anywhere across the United States. Simply go to, pick out the tub that you desire and then give us a call at 888-804-7775. We will take care of everything from there.

For a more personable experience, give us a call at 888-804-7775 and we will be happy to have a design consultant come out to your home for a FREE In-Home Consultation and discuss the benefits and pleasures of owning a Maroh Walk in Tub.

Since we do not have the overhead of some of the Big Box Retailers our tubs are very affordable in price.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and secure your brand new walk in tub from us. 888-804-7775

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I own a Maroh Walk in Tub?

Maroh Walk in Tubs allows the user a high level of independence, safety and freedom while bathing. These fantastic tubs are unlike other ordinary bathtubs. You no longer have to step over a high rim on to a slippery floor to take a bath. The door is designed with a low threshold for easy, worry free access when you enter and exit the tub. The floor has an advanced slip resistant coating that has been laboratory tested for your safety. Maroh Walk in Tubs also include an ADA approved ergonomically angled grab bar that increase’s your safety.

If you suffer from poor circulation, arthritis or joint pain the soothing warm water along with the hydro and air jets will help you relax in comfort while your pain is washed away. At Maroh Walk in Tubs, we take pride in our product knowing that they directly impact and promote health. Our products use the finest materials, have the highest quality standards and are built right here in the United States. We are dedicated to servicing you with a first-rate product at an affordable price.

The features and hardware of our products create an elegant aesthetic appeal in your bathroom while serving a functional purpose of an unassisted, independent and convenient bathing experience.

Q: Should I own a Certified Walk in Tub?

DO NOT purchase a Walk in Tub that is not CERTIFIED.

If you purchase a walk in tub that is NOT CERTIFIED you will be exposing yourself to several risks which include flooding, fire and electrical shock.

All Maroh Walk in Tubs have been tested for door seal efficiency, Fire retardation, electrical connections, strength and durability. All of our tubs carry IAPMO, UL and UPC Certifications.

DO NOT purchase a Walk in Tub that is not CERTIFIED.

Q: How safe are Maroh Walk in Tubs?

All Maroh Walk in Tubs carry IAPMO, UL and UPC Certifications. Inside the tub is an ADA approved ergonomically angled grab bar that helps enable your security while getting up and down while you are in the tub. A 17” custom designed seat with hydro and air jets will keep you comfortable and secure during your bathing experience. The door handle is built for easy locking and unlocking operation and the chrome levered faucets twist effortlessly for your convenience.

Q: Will a Maroh Walk in Tub fit inside my bathroom?

Absolutely, with over 25 years of experience as a Licensed General Contractor, the installation teams of Maroh Walk in Tubs will take the pain out of the installation process for you, our customer. Our tubs are designed to be retro fitted where your current tub exist. We have installed thousands of walk in tubs; our process is easy and accomplished quickly.

Q: How does the Maroh Walk in Tubs water tight door work?

When the door is closed and latched it compresses a water tight rubber seal around the entire door system which has been tested several times before it even leaves the factory. We are so proud of our door system; we stand behind it with a lifetime guarantee.

Q: Can I take a shower?

Of course you can. We have a specially designed, easy access, chrome hand held shower nozzle that is integrated right inside the system next to the beautiful chrome faucets.

Q: How durable are the Maroh Walk in Tubs?

Our tubs are manufactured out of a one piece fiberglass shell that has been reinforced with additional laminated sides and covered with gel coat. Under the bathtub frame is a powder coated stainless steel main frame for additional support with adjustable legs for easy leveling.

Q: How do I install the tub?

You don’t have to; with over 25 years of experience as licensed General Contractors we can install our tubs anywhere in the United States.

If you want to; we can assist you in hiring a licensed plumber and electrician. Our tubs are designed for retro fit application, which means the installation process is simple, easy and quick.

Q: How is my new Maroh Walk in Tub going to look?

Beautiful!! Go to our installation pictures and decide for yourself.

Q: What is the warranty?

Lifetime on the water tight door seal. 10 years on the tub, faucets, features and components.

Q: Can I afford a Maroh Walk in Tub?

Since we are not a Big Box Retailer we do not have a high overhead. Therefore are prices are set to pass the savings on to you, our customer.

With all of the therapeutic benefits and safety features designed into our tubs, the Maroh Walk in Tub is the best and most affordable tub you can purchase.


Features brought to your by Hydro Dimensions

Maroh Walk in Tubs is a Certified Dealer for Hydro Dimensions

Soothing and Comfortable

Hydro Dimensions Walk-In Bath Tubs are designed to give you the ultimate bathing experience with doors that simply swing open inwards. These doors allow you to enter, sit, and soak. Our doors are guaranteed to never leak and to remain water-tight for life.

A Contoured Seat

Our 17 inch high ADA approved seat means you will never have to struggle to sit down or stand up in our tubs. In addition, our deep tubs allow for a thorough soak.

Jet Message System

The Hydro Dimensions Custom Jet Massage System transforms our walk-in tubs into a first-class spa. This therapeutic spa will relax your muscles and soothe your tired limbs. The revitalizing spa increases your blood circulation and offers many health benefits. Swirling waters invigorate and relax you at the same time.

Air Massage System

Hydro Dimensions Walk-in Bath Tubs feature a state-of-the-art air system. This advanced Hydro Dimensions Custom air system is comprised of 20 air jets situated around the seat and foot areas. Each air jet has 6 port openings for a total of 120 port openings that deliver thousands of soothing air bubbles that swirl up through the water You are able to control the variable speed at your fingertips

Total Massage System

Our massage system pairs hydro jets with hydro air therapy massage. Combining air and hydro massage gives you a total massage experience that you will not find anywhere else.

Secure, Built-In Safety Bar and Advanced Slip Resistant Floor

Our built-in ADA approved safety bar increases the tub’s security. In addition, Hydro Dimensions Walk-In Bath Tubs offers an advanced, slip resistant floor. The slip resistant floor has been laboratory tested and is crafted for your ultimate safety

Easy-to-Grip Door Handle

Our tubs’ doors have a unique feature. The handles have been designed to allow for easy gripping. Even those who have difficulty gripping other doors will be able to lock a these tub doors. The fixtures are designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes of hands and can adjust easily. You can get your hand completely around the handle which is shaped like a gear shift in a car.

Excellent, Durable Design

Hydro Dimensions walk-in tubs are built with a stainless steel or powder coated steel frame, watertight door, hand layered fiberglass and three coats of gel finish. We use the highest quality materials to ensure that your tub is built to last. Our Hydro Dimensions Walk-In Bath Tubs have 6 heavy duty leveling legs to properly support its weight while most of the competitors’ tubs have only 4 or 5 leveling legs, remember that all of the weight is in the center of the tub where you are sitting.

Syllent Bath Pumps

Hydro Dimensions Walk-In Bath Tubs is proud to offer revolutionary Syllent motor-pumps in our walk-in tubs. The Syllent motor-pump provides for a warm, whirlpool bath. It keeps the water warm by circulating the water thru the pump’s housing, which transfers its heat to the water and keeps the motor cool and it last longer(10years). The Syllent motor-pump creates a first-class spa in your very own home. The whirling waters relax and soothe you as you enjoy our comfortable tub. The Syllent motor-pump is quiet and energy efficient. You can enjoy a peaceful, invigorating bathing experience undisturbed. With the Syllent motor-pump, bathing is calm, therapeutic, and relaxing.

Health Benefits

Relieves Aches and Pains

The soothing powers of a bath are undisputed. Our worry-free bathing guarantees that you will be absolutely relaxed while you bathe.

Soothes Arthritis Pains

Deep baths are perfect for those who suffer from Arthritis and joint discomfort. The massaging powers of our walk-in bathtubs soothe your aches and pains in a natural way. Gentle, pulsing waters penetrate and rejuvenate tired muscles. Plus, our walk-in tubs are so easy to access, that you will bathe more frequently, thus increasing your overall health.

Texas Home Contractor is a Certified Dealer for Therapy Tubs.

Check out their styles, shapes, and dimensions here.