Vinyl Windows

If you are seeking high-quality vinyl windows at affordable pricing, you have found the right place.

All TEXAS HOME CONTRACTOR vinyl windows are made with the following features:
•Multi-Point, fusion welded corners for strength and beauty
•Aluminum reinforced interlocking rail
•Argon or Krypton gas
•Custom sizing
•Positive action and cam locking action
•Warm edge insulated glass units for increased resistance to thermal transfer and condensation
•Super Spacer and Intercept Spacer units
•Custom pull rail on vent sash
•Tandem nylon rollers
•Spiral and Block and Tackle balance systems
•Deep pile, Mylar fin seal weather stripping
•Glazing options; Clear, Low E2, Low E3, Grey, Bronze, Solar Cool Bronze, Obscured and Tempered Safety Glass

Texas Home Contractor prides itself in meeting higher expectations for appearance, strength, energy efficiency and durability.

Texas Home Contractor Styles & Shapes: Single Hung, Arch Top Single Hung, Double Hung, Horizontal Slider, Picture Window (direct set or equal lite), Casements, Awnings, Hoppers, Trapezoids, Gardens, Bays, Bows and Specialty Shapes;

TEXAS HOME CONTRACTOR “TOP OF THE LINE” Series combine superior design and quality with

Broad flexibility in colors and options for vinyl windows to complement any décor by creating a beautiful appearance and combining unique design with energy efficiency.


Vinyl Patio Doors

Texas Home Contractor’s sliding and swinging vinyl patio doors are manufactured and engineered with the highest levels of quality obtainable. Texas Home Contractor’s patio door systems utilize certified extrusion material that has been tested for maintenance freedom, structural strength, heat resistance and dimensional stability. From Texas Home Contractor you will always get a patio door with superior quality and maintenance free.  All Texas Home Contractor patio doors meet or exceed the performance and certifications of the following organizations:

Texas Home Contractor warranties our windows, doors and installation with a transferrable Lifetime Warranty for defects in workmanship and materials as long as you own your home.

New Construction

In the window business, vinyl main frames come in three different styles, block, retrofit and new construction. New construction main frames have an integrated nail on fin for easy installation. Moist stop flashing paper is installed on the bottom and sides of the rough opening, the nail fin is caulked around the perimeter, the window is set in, nailed up plumb and level then another piece of moist stop flashing paper is stapled at the top over the nail fin of the window. TEXAS HOME CONTRACTOR offers a wide range of windows to fit any new construction budget.


Replacement or retrofit is an installation process where the windows have a 1 7/8” retrofit fin used for flashing purposes. The windows sashes of the existing windows are removed and the existing window main frame remains intact. The vinyl retrofit windows are sealed with polyurethane or silicone behind the fin, set in and screwed off to the framing timbers of your home. The outside of the fin is sealed with a paintable caulking while the inside of the window is sealed again with spray foam polyurethane and covered with a vinyl flat stock.

Below are some fantastic reasons why you would want to replace your old single pane windows; Save Money on Energy Bills  If you have ole single-pane windows, upgrading to TEXAS HOME CONTRACTOR replacement windows with energy efficient features like double-pane, LOW E2 and LOW E3 glass will result in unbelievable year-round savings.  Improve Your Home’s Appearance Let’s face it; the ascetic appearance of your home is of utmost importance to a home owner. We have a vast selection of shapes and styles along with different hardware options to fit your needs. Our windows can assist you in creating beauty throughout your home. Increase Ventilation Homeowners should not take for granted the ability to operate and open their windows. By achieving proper air circulation, your home will become much more pleasant and comfortable, therefore achieving a higher quality of life for your family in your home. New windows can be one of your homes most attractive and elegant features. By purchasing and installing new windows you will increase the value of your home, achieve proper ventilation, have amazing curb appeal and gain natural light throughout your home. Available shapes and styles include; trapezoids, full and half rounds, squares, rectangles, triangles and octagons.

Windows that ventilate are available in horizontal sliders, single and double hung, casements, awnings and hoppers.

There are a number of important factors when choosing the correct styles and shapes for your home.

Whether you are remodeling or building a new custom home, your windows should complement the design of your house. Homes come in several different architectural styles, it is crucial that your window styles fit the architectural style of your home.

Matching Window Styles and Shapes to Fit Your Home

You have a wonderful home but your windows are outdated, cold in the winter, hot in the summer, the locks don’t work, the sashes don’t slide and they are noisy. You want to replace them but do not know the correct applications to fit your needs. Here are some helpful hints to assist you in choosing the right windows to fit your homes architectural style.


Sound Control Windows

If you live near a busy intersection, next to a freeway, highway or airport, or have noisy neighbors, a great solution to decrease the sounds entering your home is to purchase and install sound control windows. Sound control windows will not eliminate all of the noise coming from the exterior but they will substantially decrease it, therefore providing you with a more pleasurable environment.The two most important ways to decrease noise penetration are the thickness of the glass and the size of the air space between the glass panes.

Laminated glass is two sheets of glass glued together like the windshield of your car.

Unequal glass is where the outside sheet of glass is thicker than the inside sheet of glass on an insulated glass unit. By purchasing laminated or unequal glass you will definitely increase you STC Rating and reduce the unwanted noise that disturbs your peace of mind. STC Rating stands for SOUND TRANSMISSION CLASS.

STC is a single-number rating of a material’s or an assembly’s ability to resist airborne sound transfer at the frequencies 125-4000 Hz. The frequencies 125-4000 Hz is consistent with the frequency range of speech.  If you’re looking for the best in performance and appearance, check out our Texas Home Contractor sound control windows.


Single hung windows are great for ventilation without intruding into walkways, porches and corridors since they open up instead of out.TEXAS HOME CONTRACTOR single-hung windows have passed forced entry industry standards with our secure cam lock or positive action locking systems.

The sash is supported with our block and tackle or spiral balancer systems for easy operation.  Single-hung windows are similar but different from double hung windows since the bottom sash is operable and the top sash is fixed.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are typically used in architectural styles such as French, Prairie, Tudor, Ranch and Contemporary. They can be installed above doors, in clear story walls and above or below other windows for ventilation without sacrificing privacy. They are similar to casement windows since they both hinge, they are usually wider than they are tall and they are hinged at the top to allow the bottom to open up towards the outside of the home. Our locking hardware offers multi-point locking capability. The handle folds neatly into the base while offering a clean appearance that won’t obstruct blinds and shutters. The hardware can be color matched to the window or you can select from several popular metal finishes including Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass, Antique Brass and Oil Rub Bronze.


Casement windows are very similar to awning windows, both are hinged but rather than being hinged at the top like awning windows, casement windows are hinged on the sides. Casement windows fit into several architectural styles such as French, Prairie, Tudor, Ranch and Contemporary. They are usually taller than they are wide and offer 100% ventilation.Our locking hardware offers multi-point locking capability. The handle folds neatly into the base while offering a clean appearance that won’t obstruct blinds and shutters. The hardware can be color matched to the window or you can select from several popular metal finishes including Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass, Antique Brass and Oil Rub Bronze.


Double hung windows are similar to single hung windows but instead of only the bottom sash opening, both the top and bottom sashes open and also tilt in for easy cleaning. They are great for ventilation without intruding into walkways, porches and corridors since they open up and down instead of out.Double-hung windows are usually found in traditional architectural styles such as Craftsman, Shingle, Victorian, Colonial and French.


Fixed windows cannot be opened and provide unobstructed views. They can be used by themselves or grouped together with other styles of windows.

Horizontal Slider (single-, double-vent)

Horizontal sliders offer single venting or double venting sashes referred to as XO, OX or XX and slide along the bottom sill of the window. Horizontal sliders are traditionally found in architectural styles including: Prairie, Tudor, French, Ranch and Contemporary.  They open and close horizontally and are often used for ventilation and egress purposes.

An XOX window is comprised of two outside venting sashes sliding towards the fixed pane in the center of the window. A double vent window is typically divided in 1/4-1/2-1/4 increments or 1/3-1/3-1/3 increments. Texas Home Contractor horizontal slider windows come with our cam and positive action locks, all built to exceed every industry standard for forced entry. Our high-quality adjustable tandem nylon rollers are designed for easy operation and help line up the reveal between the sash frame and the main frame.

Cleaning & Lubrication

How to Keep Your Windows Clean and Lubricated

When cleaning TEXAS HOME CONTRACTOR windows and doors, never use any harsh chemicals, solvents or abrasive cleaners. Use Fantastic, 409 or any other non-abrasive cleaner. TEXAS HOME CONTRACTOR does not endorse proprietary products or processes and makes no warranties for the products referenced herein. References to proprietary names is for illustrative purposes only, and is not intended to imply that there are not equally effective alternatives. All cleaners used must be thoroughly rinsed off and dried after use or discoloration of vinyl frames could occur.

For more details, download the AAMA Care & Maintenance brochure.

Energy EfficiencyThe TEXAS HOME CONTRACTOR family is concerned about the environment that we’ll pass along to our children and grandchildren. We work with manufacturers who are designed to maximize efficiency and reduce waste in order to curb greenhouse gas emissions and decrease our carbon footprint.

TEXAS HOME CONTRACTOR has always been dedicated to the use of energy efficient products.

According to the U.S. government’s Energy Star program, replacing old windows wherever you are will save up to 7-15 percent on your household energy bill. By lowering your consumption you will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as your home’s carbon footprint.

Energy Star windows, like those from TEXAS HOME CONTRACTOR can help make your home and family more comfortable throughout the year. All our windows come with a Low E coating (Low Emissivity) to help slow down the emission of radiant heat to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter; it is like a sunscreen for your home.

Low E Coatings were first introduced by PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) and Cardinal Glass in 1983. During the next couple of                              ad decades, Low E Coatings that were directly deposited onto the glass captured the majority of the market.  Today they are still the

Best tints available while dominating the industry.

Installing energy efficient windows with low-emission (low-e) glass helps our customers to reduce the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light and radiation entering their home. Properly installed low-e glass coatings will reduce your overall energy bills by up to a third.

Low-e glass coatings were initially funded by the U. S. Department of Energy.  Low emissivity coating is a transparent, very thin layer of microscopic silver vacuum-deposited onto a thin layer of Mylar plastic, suspended between two layers of glass.

Low E Coatings help reduce radiant heat along with Ultra Violet Rays therefore protecting your drapes, carpeting and furniture.

There are two categories of Low E glass; Soft Coat and Hard Coat.


Hard Coat is a layer of indium tin oxide which is applied when the glass is still molten inside the float tank. As the glass hardens the indium tin oxide becomes part of the glass itself, as a result, the low e coatings become more durable. This type of technology is often referred to as “pyrolytic” Low E.


Soft Coat is a thin layer of silver that is deposited onto the glass through a sputtering process after the glass has already become hardened. In warmer climates the Low E coating is installed on the inside of the outside sheet of glass, the #2 surface. In colder climates the Low E coating is installed on the inside of the inside piece of glass, the #3 surface.  Low E 2 is two layers of silver while Low E 3 is three layers of silver. The more layers of silver that is applied to the surface of the glass the better the UV (Ultra Violet) and SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Co-Efficiency) protection become.


French Doors

The French look of a wide rail French door adds elegance to any opening. TEXAS HOME CONTRACTOR combines this traditional look with the durability of vinyl and fiberglass to provide our customers with custom French doors that will last a lifetime.

Along with bringing elegance, beauty and energy efficiency to your home, French doors can serve as a transition from indoor living environments to the outdoors.


Changing a window into a door


If you are interested in changing your window into a door there are several skilled trades that you must consider before taking on the challenge. You will have to cut down and remove the existing sill there by modifying your rough opening.  Make sure that you expose and reroute any electrical wires and or plumbing pipes that may run through the wall. You will have to install an exterior light along with an interior switch to operate it. In order to reroute your electrical wires and plumbing pipes, you will have to cut holes into the drywall, therefore requiring patching, taping, texturing and painting. After you install the door you will have to build a concrete or brick Stoop to step onto.      With all of the skilled trades that are necessary to complete this project we recommend hiring a General Contractor like Texas Home Contractor to handle this project for you.

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Widening your existing window or door

Besides having to perform all the tasks to change a window into a door you will have several other obstacles that you will have to endure. Unless you are an experienced General Contractor like Texas Home Contractor, we DO NOT recommend that you take on the task. All buildings are Structurally Engineered to sustain gravity, sway, hurricane, tornado and earthquake loads through their local building departments. You are required to obtain a building permit from your local building department to make any modification to your existing structure.  You are required to draw up a set of plans and have them engineered before you submit them to your local building department. Once the building department approves the plans you will now have a set of working drawings. It is the homeowners and General Contractor’s responsibility to build the modifications according to the plans. During each phase of the construction project you will have to call the local building department to set up an inspection by a building department inspector to insure that the work you have done is according to local building codes. As you can see, widening your existing rough openings properly and according to code requires an experienced General Contractor like Texas Home Contractor.

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Window specialists vs. big box stores

Big Box Retailers are great for groceries, furniture, appliances and clothes, but for home improvement projects they leave a lot to be desired. In order to complete a successful construction project you need an experienced installation technician. You would not allow a Big Box Retailer to fill a cavity or perform surgery for you, Would You? NO, you need a professional. The same holds true for any type of construction project. At Texas Home Contractor we have over 100 years of combined experience modifying your home into your castle.

The lowest price is NOT always the best deal. So how do you determine where to go: big box or window specialist? Here are some key things to think about:

ROI for Window Replacement

While home values continue to decline you are probably asking yourself; Do I sell my home and purchase another one or do we stay here and remodel. If the answer is to stay here and remodel you are now faced with what projects will give me a great Return on Investment. According to the Board of Realtors Roofing your home is the best home improvement you can do. The second best home improvement project that you can do to have a great ROI is WINDOWS and DOORS.

Replacing your windows, depending on where you live can give you an ROI of approximately 80-100%

Making Your Home Energy-Efficient

Here are some tips on making your home more energy efficient

1. Inspect your doors, windows, electrical wires and plumbing pipes that enter your home. If you see gaps in any of these products or materials seal them with the appropriate materials.

2. Install cost-effective insulation in the attic and wall cavities of you home.

3. Repair any water heater leaks. A dripping tap will waste over 2,000 liters a month. Install energy star rated low-flow fixtures to reduce water bills by 60%.

4. Turn your thermostat up or down depending on the season1 degree.


Over the course of owning your home, the most cost-effective and energy efficient solution will be to have new windows and doors installed by the experts at TEXAS HOME CONTRACTOR.